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Regional Centre for Excellence in Ethics (RCEE)​

The Regional Centre for Excellence in Ethics at Homewood Health Centre is dedicated to providing ethical support and services to regional health care organizations. A non-profit and self-sustaining centre, it provides leading-edge ethics education, consultation, and policy review services to member organizations. Members receive ethical guidance in all moral matters – from organizational ethical issues to front-line clinical decisions. The RCEE support and services are also available for patients and their families who often struggle with making difficult decisions.

Ethics Documents:

Ethical Decision Making Framework

Ethics Consultation Services

Informed Consent

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The Research Ethics Board (REB)​​

The REB is responsible for ensuring research involving human participation meets current scientific and ethical research standards for protecting human research participants. The REB is mandated to independently approve, reject, propose modifications to, or terminate any proposed or ongoing research involving human participants or human biological materials conducted within or by Homewood Health Centre members and member organizations.

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Find out more about the RCEE or REB​

If you need support with an ethical dilemma or want to find out more about the RCEE or REB, please contact the Bioethicist at 1-866-706-5401 ext. 32118, or reach out by e-mail.

Homewood’s Bioethicist is available 24/7 to support staff, patients, family members, and referrers with confidential Ethics Consultation Support and Services.