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Onsite Amenities Include

Homewood Health Centre provides convenient access, spectacular ocean views and a serene, private environment. Throughout Homewood Health Centre you will find thoughtfully crafted areas for journaling, personal reflection, or small group chats. Enjoy comfortable sofas to sink into, window seating to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and a number of quiet outdoor spaces on the property to take in the forested grounds.

  • A quiet reflection lounge overlooking Patricia Bay and Swartz Bay, outfitted with comfortable lounging furniture. Our reflection lounge offers a space for quiet contemplation and enjoyment of quiet activities such as puzzles, reading a book from our library or bird and plane watching.
  • An energizing entertainment lounge for conversations, games, and a communal television. This space also has a keyboard, and a guitar. Spacious balconies allow easy access to the outdoors.
  • A professionally outfitted gym with a variety of cardio and weight equipment as well as a stretching and yoga nook.
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About Support & Treatment for First Responders, Military & Veterans

Homewood’s offering for First Responders, Military and Veterans; common topics covered include: consequences of addiction, fear, stigma and shame in the workplace, managing cravings and recognizing cues, strategies for maintaining abstinence, staying safe on the job, recovery meetings and community, and building resilience against negative operational stressors. 


The AM Program helps XX Canadians every year, and while recovery is a life-long journey, taking the first step is what matters the most. On average most participants complete the program in 6 weeks and see improvements within the first 2 weeks. (Whatever stats Homewood has that can position the value of the program).

Program Statistics
  • 75% of people remain sober for the first 2 years following the program.
  • YY% of patients outcome.
  • ZZ% of enrolled patients outcome.
  • Other positive stats the inspire someone to make change.
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More About Addiction & Recovery

An overview of the set of conditions that back the AM Program. Homewood text: our program covers a range of conditions, but each person is unique in their struggles. Follow the following links for details about the condition covered by this program.

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This is Dick—he’s a US military veteran who did A, B, and C during his career and retired to Canada. After suffering through years of trauma and addiction, Dick joined the Homewood program that specializes in providing support to First Responders, Military and Veterans. Here’s what Dick had to say about his experience:

“Everyone has a different reason to stop drinking initially,” says Dick. “But you need to find reasons to keep sober too. Use the time you haven’t had a drink as proof to yourself that you can do it. Hang on, because you don’t need it. If you need Homewood for help, you will leave there with a different attitude toward life.”