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Homewood Health’s Approach to the Treatment of Addiction

Homewood Health is and continues to be an abstinence-based treatment provider
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Homewood Health is and continues to be an abstinence-based treatment provider, supporting individuals from across Canada with substance use disorders and concurrent disorders on their unique treatment and recovery journeys.  Homewood recognizes that recovery is an ongoing process with multiple pathways that support success, such as a strong peer network, 12-step, Al-anon, SMART Recovery, self-help, and others, play an important role in sustaining long term recovery.

Under physician direction and oversight, Homewood does support the use of opioid replacement therapy for patients with Opioid Use Disorders.  Treatment planning will account for patient’s unique occupational considerations, such as those in safety sensitive positions (physician, uniformed professionals, pilots, etc.).

At Homewood, no period of abstinence is required prior to beginning programming, and our 24/7 onsite nursing team along with skilled Addiction Medicine Physicians provide full medically supported detox and withdrawal management. 

Cannabis in treatment facilities continues to be a hot topic.

Since being legalized in Canada in 2018, cannabis has been a contentious issue among healthcare providers and patients alike across the healthcare and occupational health industries. While preliminary reports indicate a potential role for cannabis in some medical conditions (seizure disorders, cancer palliation, Parkinson’s disease, MS, etc.), cannabis has clearly documented adverse effects including psychosis, increased anxiety, neurocognitive impairment, and addiction. This poses significant risks in treating mental health and addiction conditions, and when treating individuals in safety sensitive occupations. As such, Homewood continues to hold its original position of not supporting cannabis use or medical marijuana use in its treatment programs. 

Did you know Homewood treatment facilities are also 100% Smoke and Tobacco Free?

Starting in 2017 Homewood moved to a 100% smoke and tobacco-free model.  Today, the Homewood Health Centre, Homewood Ravensview and The Residence all support this approach for both patients and staff.    

Resources for quitting tobacco or remaining smoke-free/vape-free/tobacco-free are available at no additional cost. Tobacco cessation support includes assessment, counselling, group support, strategies for behaviour change, follow-up support at discharge, and withdrawal management with approved tobacco cessation aids.

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