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Our patients are met with a compassionate, comprehensive, holistic and integrated approach to ensure their distinct challenges are addressed effectively and in the personalized way they deserve.
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Interventional Psychiatry Service
Homewood provides effective treatment options for individuals suffering from treatment-resistant depression and other mental health conditions.
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Providing care to older adults
Homewood Health offers customized care for mature adults through specialized programs designed for individuals who are facing mental health and/or substance use challenges and are adapted and modified to support a return to optimal level of functioning and quality of life.
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The Addiction Medicine Program – Mood, Anxiety, Concurrent (AMP-MAC) offers comprehensive medical and clinical care for individuals dealing with substance use issues AND the symptoms of mood/anxiety disorders.
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Leaders in Mental Health Treatment

  • Nationally recognized and accredited treatment programs
  • Experts in concurrent treatment of complex mental health and substance use issues
  • Specialized programs and dedicated care teams
  • Broad range of therapeutic approaches, educational activities and resources to support recovery 
  • 50 acre campus in park-like setting with numerous outdoor and recreational resources
  • Dedicated programs and services for First Responders, Military, Veterans and Health Care Workers

What we treat

Concurrent Mental Health & Substance Use

‘Concurrent disorder’ is a term that is used when someone is experiencing depression, anxiety, or trauma, and problematic substance use at the same time.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma occurs when someone experiences an event that threatens life, physical or psychological integrity of themselves or other people, either once or multiple times over the course of their life.

Addiction & Substance Use

Substance use can develop into problematic disorders and addiction, which negatively impact the individual and people in their life.

Opioid Use

Opioids when used as prescribed by a physician can help to treat acute or chronic pain. However, they are highly addictive substances and when misused, require specialized and expert treatment.


Anxiety is a state of psychological discomfort that can be experienced as distressing thoughts, worries, and physical feelings of tension and discomfort.

Depression & Other Mood Disorders

Depression can be experienced as low mood, pessimistic or hopeless thinking, or loss of pleasure, interest, energy, and motivation to participate in activities that someone might usually enjoy.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, and disordered eating, are serious conditions that are related to challenging and persistent behaviors and preoccupations related to weight, body shape and food.

Work-related Mental Health Issues

Some occupations and industries put employees at heightened risk for exposure to trauma, stressors, and situations that challenge an individual’s mental health.

About the Homewood Health Centre

Homewood Health Centre is a fully accredited physician-led and medically based facility, located on over 50 acres in Guelph, Ontario. Offering various programs and extensive services to treat a wide range of issues related to mental health, trauma, addiction and concurrent, we serve as a specialized provincial and national resource for patients, families and their communities.

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Homewood Health Centre Interview

Our Approach to Care

Our patients are met with a compassionate, comprehensive, holistic and integrated approach to ensure their distinct challenges are addressed effectively and in the personalized way they deserve.

Why Choose an Inpatient Treatment Facility?

Find out more about the benefits of inpatient treatment at the Homewood Health Centre.

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Homewood Touchpoint logo

Measurement-Based Care through Homewood Touchpoint

Homewood Touchpoint is an innovative, integrated, and standardized measurement tool specifically developed with our patients in mind.

Patients can better understand their recovery and work with their clinicians using friendly, graphical tools.

Clinicians can use this information to develop treatment plans and evaluate progress.

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Our expertise is the product of over 130 years of clinical practice, patient service, assessment and learning. It is the product of the skill and experience of Homewood’s award-winning, multi-disciplinary team of clinicians. And it is the product of our constant drive to integrate research and evidence to improve practice.

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