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Choose Your Objective​

Professional-led 8-week online counseling sessions.
Reduce Stress & Depression

Calm your mind.

Looking to manage your stress and depression better? Learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills to control your thoughts and feelings, helping you achieve balance and relief.

Duration: 2h/week - 8 weeks

Be Mindful

Focus your mind.

Distracted or overwhelmed? Our mindfulness based stress management techniques will help you take control of your thoughts and increase your awareness.

Duration: 1h/week - 8 weeks

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Rest easier, sleep better.

Struggling with sleep? Learn how mental health concerns like depression, anxiety or trauma can affect your sleep.  Change your lifestyle and thinking patterns with CBT for insomnia and sleep.

Duration: 1h/week - 8 weeks

Prevent Relapse

Strengthen your sobriety.

Stay proactive about your sobriety by learning coping skills to manage substance or behavioral addictions.

Duration: 2h/week - 8 weeks

Relieve Your Anxiety

Less anxiety, more relaxation.

Learn techniques to manage your anxiety and regain control of your happiness with cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety. 

Duration: 1h/week - 8 weeks

Cultivate Healthy Emotions

Gain control of your emotions

Tired of riding an emotional rollercoaster? Even out your emotions using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) techniques to find more balance in your life.

Duration: 2h/week - 8 weeks

Not sure where to start?

Choosing the right online therapy option can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with multiple problems or you’re not sure how much support you need. If you’re unsure which program is the right fit for you, let us help guide the way.

More Ways to Meet Your Unique Needs

Everyone’s mental health journey is different, which is why we offer a variety of specialized online therapy options. From individualized online therapy to high-frequency sessions, find the perfect fit for your unique mental health needs.

Online Intensive Outpatient Therapy for High-Touch Support

Extra support when you need it most.

Access specialized support for depression, anxiety, trauma, or moderate addiction symptoms, all from the comfort of your home. Our Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program offers evidence-based therapy that is convenient, affordable and accessible entirely online for individuals who do not require inpatient treatment.

Duration: 3–5h/day - 1–3 months

Individual Therapy

Personalized, effective and confidential.

Benefit from the one-on-one connection of individual online counseling with our expert therapists to receive mental health care tailored to your needs.

Duration: varies by individual needs

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Couples/Family Therapy

Renew your relationship

Facing challenges in your relationships? Reconnect through better communication and conflict resolution skills with the help of online relationship counseling. 

Duration: varies by individual needs

Do you have insurance?

We’ll issue you an insurance receipt for timely reimbursement so that you don’t have to carry the cost of therapy.