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Sustaining recovery is easier when the proper support surrounds you. The Homewood Alumni community provides a hub for resources and learning and, eventually, connects across the country.

Get access to articles, tools and resources to support your recovery. You’ll also be able to access and participate in clinical research studies.

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Affordable and convenient online therapy available by smartphone or computer. Access specialized counselling that will help you Relax, Thrive, Persevere, and more. Improve and maintain your mental health and well-being with online therapy designed to match your lifestyle.

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Expert Resources

The Homewood Alumni library provides a number of articles related to addiction, mental health, wellness, life skills, relationships and recovery. Some highlights include tips for how to increase your self-confidence, the impact of sleep on your health and tips for helping you connect with the community.

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Interactive e-Learning Courses

Homewood Alumni e-Learning provides self-paced, private, and personalized learning experiences to improve personal health and well-being. Various courses are available, focusing on health and wellness and a wide range of life skills.